Technical and related issues

Our technology

Our designer are making all our fake diploma, fake degree, fake certificate, fake driver license on the basis of genuine ones. Same parchment paper, font, signatures, raised up seals, hologram will be used on the products, so that our clients can use them for varieties of different purposes safely like employment application, visa application, notarization/apostille application.

All the samples on our website are from our previous orders, clients can view our quality from those photos and then compare with real ones that they can find online.

frequently asked question

What are the issues that need to be understood before purchasing an academic certificate? Below, we will summarize and let you know how to choose a reliable and suitable institution to handle them

What Type of Paper Will You Use For Printing My Fake Diploma?

Printing certificates is usually done on copper coated paper, offset paper, or special paper, but the color, thickness, and weight of the paper we produce are the same as the original

Why Your Price is Higher Than Peer Prices

f you buy documents from other places for every penny, they are all generated in bulk and have low costs. Our company imitates every detail 100% based on the genuine product.

Is it really a 100% match to my original diploma/document?

No, it is still a replica, and we cannot guarantee that it will match perfectly. All we can do is get as close to it as possible. But we promise to match at least 98% of your diploma