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University of Buckingham fake degree

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University of Buckingham fake degree

This is University of Buckingham fake degree, University of Buckingham degree, University of Buckingham diploma, University of Buckingham Bachelor degree. The University of Buckingham is the only private independent university in the UK, and it is also the only private comprehensive university with a medical school. Founded in 1976 under the name of Buckingham University College. Different from the traditional three-year undergraduate program in the UK, the University of Buckingham teaches four semesters a year, which shortens the long summer vacation, guarantees the same amount of class hours as compared with other British universities, and successfully condenses the undergraduate degree to two years. Students not only save a year of living expenses, but also can enter the workplace a year earlier, or continue to study for a higher degree.

The two-year undergraduate course offered by the University of Buckingham allows students to complete their studies with the fastest speed and the smallest cost. The University of Buckingham is different from other British universities. It can give students a unique experience. And has a reasonable teacher-student ratio, which is much better than the average ratio in the UK, so that students can interact with their tutors as much as possible. The number of students in the school is not as large as other universities in the UK, about 8,000, and international students account for about 11%, which makes students feel like living in a big family and also lays a solid foundation for the friendship between students.

British higher education has a worldwide reputation for its high quality. The University of Buckingham is renowned for its independence and operates independently as a university under the permission of the Royal Charter. In 2003, the university passed a rigorous review by the government’s quality assurance agency.

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