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Fake University of Calgary degree

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University of Calgary fake degree

This is University of Calgary fake degree, University of Calgary degree, fake Canada University degree, fake degree, Canada degree certificate. The University of Calgary was originally part of the University of Alberta and became an independent university in 1966. In just over 50 years, the University of Calgary has rapidly developed into one of Canada’s most important research universities. The main campus of the University of Calgary covers an area of about 213 hectares. There are 24,296 full-time undergraduate students and 4,340 postgraduate students, including more than 6,700 international students. The school library has a collection of more than 1.8 million volumes, as well as original works of many Canadian writers and complete architectural samples of some well-known architects. The University of Calgary has 1,815 full-time teachers and 503 researchers, including 77 Canadian chief scientists (Canada research chair), ranking sixth among Canadian universities. Its domestic and international research and teaching status is becoming more and more important. Top 10 scientific research strength of Canadian universities. It is not only a member of nine national excellent scientific research centers, but also a national excellent qualification education center. It is in a leading position in many fields such as medicine, education, construction, petrochemical industry, remote sensing mapping, sports kinesiology, etc. Its international tourism education and research center Accredited by the World Tourism Organization, it is the only research center outside Europe. The 1988 Winter Olympics were held at the University Skating Rink.

The University of Calgary has more than 80 undergraduate majors, focusing on the development of interdisciplinary majors, cooperative projects and internship courses. Kinesiology and Architecture majors are well-known in North America. The social work profession is the largest profession in Canada. The combined engineering and liberal arts program also offers 5 years of study. Whether it is an English major or an engineering major, students can get 4-8 weeks of paid internships.

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