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fake Columbia University transcript

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Columbia University fake transcript

This is Columbia University fake transcript, Columbia University transcript, Columbia University in the city of new yok transcript, fake Columbia University in the city of new yok certificate. Columbia University transcript is an English representation of Columbia University student transcripts. It lists all the courses and the corresponding credits, grades and other information that students have taken during school. This student transcript can be provided to other schools, companies, or agencies for evaluation or certification of the student. This transcript can be used as an important reference material when students apply for graduate school, work or study abroad.

The school officially opened in July 1754, and the first headmaster was Samuel Johnson, Doctor of Theology. Dr. Johnson was also the sole mentor of the College’s first class of eight students. Classes took place in the new school building that is now located next to Trinity Church on Lower Broadway in Manhattan. Subsequently, the earliest higher education institution established in New York State, the fifth university in the United States, was officially established on October 31, 1754 under the name of King’s College in accordance with King George II’s “Royal Charter”. For King’s College, the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War in 1776 was a catastrophic event. The school’s teaching activities were suspended for eight years from the entry of the Continental Army into New York in 1776, including the entire period of New York’s military occupation by the British army until the British army officially withdrew from New York in 1783. The school library was looted, and the only building was first requisitioned by the Continental Army and later by the British Army as a military hospital. After the school was occupied by revolutionaries, the school’s royal supporters were forced to leave King’s College.

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